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"The Hatha Teacher Training that I received through the Living Yoga Program is phenomenal. Several people have asked me – and I did occasionally ask myself – 'WHY are you going all the way to Texas for Teacher Training when there are so many programs right here in the Chicago area?' Because . . . something about the way this program is described online – something about the main instructors’ neutral approach and inclusive philosophy – the way they talk about yoga as a transformational practice and not a gymnastic performance – something about their own depth of experience and breadth of wisdom . . . resonated in me as I perused their website. I called them. I talked to them. I was upfront about what I was looking for and what I didn’t want to fritter away time and money on. They were honest and unpretentious in conversation. And I just knew . . .

“The two 9-day residential retreats which I attended more than lived up to my expectations. I have to say that it was very probably the most high-quality training I have ever received. Every aspect was top-notch. I can’t think of an item or an area I was disappointed in; on the contrary, I spent most of the time being AMAZED at what I was experiencing. From the instructors’ high level of proficiency in personal practice -- to their comprehensive presentation of well-chosen information in ways which appealed to every learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) – to their non-stop encouragement, affirmation and validation in our student practice teaching – it was all excellent. I was in training from 7 am to 9 pm every day, and not once was I bored – sleepy – or wishing I could be somewhere else.
~ Susan Wilkens, RYT-200, Forest Park IL

"I want to say THANK YOU for one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Going through the program I learned so much, not only about yoga but about myself. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I'm still learning from that experience. I don't think that I have practiced yoga since and not thought about the intensive. Every practice I do there is something you taught that I reflect on during my yoga. I frequently recall the 'Flow' lecture and 'Walking the walk', such valuable information that I will use it for the rest of my life. Thank you, Thank you. Namaste"
~ Kelly Behrmann

This training has changed my life. It not only prepared me to step into teaching, but answered so many questions for me, some of which I knew I was asking and many I was unaware of! What I’ve learned will pervade every aspect of my life. I can’t thank you enough, Ellen and Charles.
~ April R., Massage Therapist, Austin, Tx

I knew the program would benefit me – it did; I hoped it would inspire me – it did; but I had no way to imagine what a game-changer in my life was coming for body, mind, and spirit.
~ H. Bloom, Austin TX

"When I think of the work Ellen and Charles do together, I always get a sense of a yin yang -- there is a beautiful balance that happens with their two styles and methods. I can see why their teaching has such a notable appeal and impact on such a broad range of people. "
~ Havilah Tower, Austin TX

"As a teacher, I brought with me classroom experience that the LYP instructors helped me to fine tune and focus for the teaching of yoga. I found encouragement and expert guidance."
~ JWP, Professor, Tulsa OK

"The LYP program was the highlight of all the yoga training I've done, and the three of you are absolutely outstanding."
~ Molly, Makanda, IL

"I have just completed the Living Yoga Program and can say with confidence that I don't think you'll find a more thorough program than theirs anywhere. They are excellent teachers and have put together a very comprehensive program. You will graduate from their program with all the tools and confidence needed to teach."
~ Jon Swanson, Austin TX

"At age 60, I was delighted to find four other grannies in the intensive. This was truly a course for all levels, ages, and sizes."
~ JW, Chef, Austin, TX

"This program and more importantly, the people in it, have effected me beyond words. What a gift to oneself and the community to be able to come together and experience *yoga* on so many levels. It has truly been a holistic approach to yoga and a great inspiration to continue and deepen one's own practice while sharing the gift of yoga with others!"
~ Alexandra Mello, Whately, MA

"This is Yoga. This is Yoga Teacher Training. This is Training. This intensive will give you the skill to bring your life to the front of the room. Places your ego on the mat of compassion."
~ Charles Maxwell

"To be simply put, “Transformation” – none other than true transformation on all levels. Not only have I become more present in life, but I have changed my outlook on the big picture – and that’s all that really matters. This has been by far one of the very most inspiring and uplifting opportunities I have allowed myself to experience --- and I am grateful to all who have helped me along my path. Thank you and namaste."
~ Gretchen R., Student of life/Fort Ripley, MN

"Coming to the Living Yoga Program was the best thing I could have done this summer. Staying at Radha Madhav Dham has been beautiful and spiritual – I truly felt I was “living” yoga. The teachers made our time so very fun and filled with valuable lessons as well as unexpected ones… I highly recommend this program to anyone who loves yoga and wants to deepen their knowledge."
~ Joy, Austin Texas

"This experience has changed my life for the better. LYP has furthered my own practice and heightened my love of all things yoga. I felt so at home at the ashram, like I didn’t want to go home. My heart is smiling J"
~ Kami

"I so enjoyed the Living Yoga Program. It is more than a teacher training. It is also a retreat. In this environment, I was able to not only receive lots of information about Yoga, but also valuable insight into myself, my life, and how to merge these together. I feel so energized and full of love from the other students and all of the people here at Radha Madhav Dham. The rhythm of this place, the healthy food, the rest, early morning walks up the mountain – all of this has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it!"
~ Bridgitte C., Lake Charles, LA

"The Living Yoga Program Intensive was everything and more than I could possibly have hoped for. In addition to the training in yoga teaching and practice, LYP also offered an education in so many other ways. I learned a great deal about infusing my life with a yogic spirit, which was both taught and modeled every day.  There were numerous ideas presented that carry over in practical ways to life off the mat, including several that I am bringing back into my workplace.  My classmates presented a mosaic of personalities and skills, and I learned something (many things!) from every single one of them.  Overall, I think the life lessons may have even exceeded the yoga training in terms of benefit, yet the intensive also prepared me exceptionally well both to teach and to deepen my own practice. The Living Yoga Program was truly the best-designed program I've ever attended in any setting, in terms of flow, chunking of the information, management of our energy and attention spans.
A heartfelt thank you to Charles, Ellen, and Donna for your wisdom and insight, and for all this amazing stuff that we can bring into our yoga (in its broadest and best sense)."
~ Janna W., Age 60, Richboro, PA

"I was a little nervous going into the intensive. After further consideration I realized I wasn’t sure where I fit in, if at all. Terminal uniqueness had set in!  Not young anymore and yet not old. No significant other, children, or previous career path that I was veering from. My brain that needed to compartmentalize and categorize was not computing a pigeonhole that I could slip into.
All that changed from the moment I arrived at Radha Madhav Dham. There at the information desk I found another lost yogi looking for the check in area. A friendly comrade seeing our uneasiness guided us to the right place. Ellen was there with a warm and genuine welcome and I found that the yogini who had also just arrived was my roomy!
At the first session we participated in several well-crafted and well thought out exercises where we started the process of breaking down the walls and feeling comfortable with our peers. This gift of yoga that has come into my life and that apparently (and joyfully so!) has taken up residence in my heart was seeded watered and encouraged to grow through every aspect of the training at LYP.  I had an intrinsic feeling that I was in a safe and nurturing environment and was free to express, experiment, and learn. The loving staff of LYP introduced me to myself and helped me to see that yes, even though we are all different, we are all the same too. And these are traits to be fostered and cared for.
 I did belong here.
Many thanks and a heart full of gratitude to you all for your love, insight  and dedication to our yoga community!"
~ Stevie Lake

"I just loved it. I love the energy among the group, the wonderful teachers. I noticed the progression of confidence that we all had day by day, thanks to the positive feedback. I am fascinated with all of the things I learned. I feel full of joy and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
~ Luz Browning, Mexico

"The intensive program was both a spiritual and character building experience - from the beginning to the end, like an asana sequence. It is a wonderfully planned unfolding of the self."
~ Mayu, El Paso, TX

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Yoga has already been a nurturing process for me. This program embraces this belief. I took time out of my busy class schedule to come and learn some invaluable life lessons. I learned a lot about yoga and myself, and I truly cherish that."
~ K. Moore

"Inspired and immensely practical scheduling from beginning to finish, every detail lovingly crafted. Information in each session given with both hands, vital tools for life on and off the mat. Deeply inspiring, informative and self empowering. Just as important were the seemingly small, casual-appear touches that knit the whole: opportunities provided for self-expression, unexpected treats, and unstinting dedication exhibited by Donna, Charles and Ellen made this an extraordinary experience."
~ Karen Lewis, Kansas City

"I decided on LYP after researching several yoga teacher training programs. I had done a 33 hour teacher training and been teaching for two years before starting the program, but what I learned in the nine day intensive has completely transformed my approach to teaching. Being exposed to different styles of yoga was a revelation for me.

I plan to take a bit of time off from teaching so I can fully integrate all I have learned at the intensive before going back to teaching my regular students. I am coming away from the 9-day intensive with the skills and confidence to teach students from the safe and supportive manner and an action plan for how to reach a wider audience with my teaching. My current and future students will benefit so much from what I've learned here.

I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to deepen their personal practice and/or to teach yoga in a holistic and safe way."
~ Yamilee B., Economist, Conakry, Guinea

"Although I came to learn how to 'teach' asana, I learned the true meaning of community and the importance of my energy in the world. Words will never explain my gratitude for the inspiration I feel."
~ LeAnne C., R.N., Charleston, S.C.

"The Living Yoga Program is like a beautiful flower, full of wisdom and lovely emotions nurtured by three master-gardeners: Donna, Charles, and Ellen."
~ Gundega P., Yoga/Pilates Instructor, Austin, TX

"My life will forever more be enriched by this program. Donna, Ellen, and Charles are a genuinely dynamic team. Through each of their individual workshops, teaching styles, and charisma, I have been enlightened and educated in my practice of yoga and life! "A teacher cannot give you the truth. The truth is already in you. You need only to open your body, mind, and heart." Thank each of you for handing me the key!"

"The program truly is open to students of all levels of experience, and instruction is comprehensive yet appropriate for all. An awesome learning experience in a beautiful setting."
~ P.G., English Teacher, Big Lake, TX

"I truly found out so much about myself. Mostly physically, I learned an incredible amount of body awareness. I will be so much more aware of that and feel like I will be able to project that to my students and that importance of body awareness. I loved seeing the different teaching styles and being able to take that with me."
~ T.B.

"As a long time teacher, it has been very powerful to have important points about teaching brought back into my conscious mind. I do many of the techniques naturally due to my training and experience, but now I will be able to take it to a much higher level due to the enhanced awarenesses I experienced during the training. Thank you."
~ Marce

"I came to this program with the ideal of improving my yoga practice. I'm leaving a completely new person with a deep insight into who I am as a yogi and a human being."
~ Jeannie W.

"What an enlightening experience! I had mixed emotions coming in to the intensive because I was very scared to become a teacher. Donna, Charles, and Ellen are the perfect blend of teaching styles to show me that 1) I am not a freak 2) my feelings are natural and 3) I have natural gifts to offer my students.

I feel very confident that we worked on identifying those gifts and playing with a style of teaching to compliment them. Whenever I try to come up with the words to thank D/C/ and E, I start to get misty eyed, because they helped me find myself. There are no words of gratitude for that.

This program changed my life. I had no idea that I would feel so profoundly changed. I love you all for the opportunity to grow and develop into the person I forgot (somehow!!!) that I truly am. Deep, deep Namaste."
~ Katie Hill, Kentucky

"I believe life experiences are put in our path to help us grow. We can choose to grow from these experiences or shut out those experiences. I'm so glad I allowed myself to grow from my time at LYP."
~ Yolanda G.

"A wonderful, physical, spiritual, and emotional experience. The quality of teaching and optimal setting are a winning combination. Letting go a little improves life. Letting go a lot brings you happiness, calmness, and joy."
~ L.H. Yoga instructor, Des Moines, Iowa

During the LYP program I created a life's mission statement. When I got home, I had all the tools I needed to start living it! “I am at peace with myself, I live in balance and I find joy in all things.” Thank you so very much!"
~ Jennifer Villella
Living Yoga Program, yoga teacher training school

"I can’t say enough about what a positive experience the intensive was for me. All three of you make such a complete, seamless curriculum – not only through the actual instruction, but also through your active practice of that instruction and the spirit of that instruction. Donna embodied grace and savasana, and modeled it in the energy she projected and in her use of multi-media presentations that are familiar to all sorts of yoginis. Ellen embodied compassion and ahimsa, modeling it in her questions and directions to students, both privately and publicly demonstrating active listening and appropriate responses. Charles embodied passion and dharana, modeling in class and in private discussions by keeping the focus on the pose/question/issue no matter what else was brought up, doing so with enthusiasm, kindness and truthfulness. Thank you for pouring so much of yourselves into the curriculum, the intensive, and into my being. May you have your best and highest good, MUCH LOVE."
~ Heather Darden

"I am 55 years old and just completed my 9 day intensive with the Living Yoga Program. The program and instructors met and exceeded my expectations. Before attending the program I had reservations about attending, because of my age and the fact that I have only studied yoga for three years, mostly on my own. I would encourage anyone interested in improving their personal practice to attend this program. The instructors, Donna, Ellen and Charles, brought to the program, humor, enthusiasm, spiritual guidance and a wealth of knowledge. This is a very well done, professional program."
~ Marcia P., Honduras

I came to learn the teaching of asanas, which I did. What was so wonderfully unexpected was a whole new view and recognition of boundaries and how to step beyond them to expand our attitude toward yoga and life!

Nothing compares to letting go. Letting go of your pride, letting go of your fears, and letting go of constantly moving. Once you actually do this, your heart will open. That’s a door that will never close.

"The Living Yoga Program has changed the way I vew my life. I got much more out of the experience than I was expecting."
C. Whitley, Sugarland, Texas

The Living Yoga Program has given me more than just a yoga experience and knowledge. My goals evolved from my experience with a new understanding for myself, yoga, and life.

When I started the Living Yoga Program I knew I wanted to become a teacher. That was all I knew. As soon as I left the ashram in February, I started to teach yoga…. At the Texas Yoga Retreat I saw my Yoga family again whom I met at the Teacher Training Program - it felt just like going back home. Although I did not know other participants at the retreat, soon I felt that wonderful feeling of 'belonging'…. I had the opportunity to learn about different types of yoga, about Trance Dance (I loved it), to meet Robert Boustany, for whom I developed great admiration. He showed us how to use effortless effort while practicing yoga. I also took classes in Yoga Nidra, Qigong, free form yoga, mantra, and more. We could never go wrong when choosing a class. I realized that even though I did not have much experience to start teaching yoga, it was the best thing to do. Now, when I am at a retreat I have more specific questions, more refined listening skill, different ways of observing others. I really enjoyed all I learned at the Texas Yoga Retreat... I still have lots of questions, insecurities, and lot more to learn, but I feel more positive then ever.
~ Sueli Rocha-Rojas


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