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"During the LYP program I created a life's mission statement. When I got home, I had all the tools I needed to start living it! “I am at peace with myself, I live in balance and I find joy in all things.” Thank you so very much!"
~ Jennifer Villella
Living Yoga Program, yoga teacher training school

"I can’t say enough about what a positive experience the intensive was for me. All three of you make such a complete, seamless curriculum – not only through the actual instruction, but also through your active practice of that instruction and the spirit of that instruction. Donna embodied grace and savasana, and modeled it in the energy she projected and in her use of multi-media presentations that are familiar to all sorts of yoginis. Ellen embodied compassion and ahimsa, modeling it in her questions and directions to students, both privately and publicly demonstrating active listening and appropriate responses. Charles embodied passion and dharana, modeling in class and in private discussions by keeping the focus on the pose/question/issue no matter what else was brought up, doing so with enthusiasm, kindness and truthfulness. Thank you for pouring so much of yourselves into the curriculum, the intensive, and into my being. May you have your best and highest good, MUCH LOVE."
~ Heather Darden, June 2006

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Program Overview

The Living Yoga Program includes...

Video: Overviews, Interviews, and Testimonials

Getting Started

Step 1: Apply for acceptance into the LYP Program.

Step 2: Choose which training track best meets your needs. The YA Track is approved by Yoga Alliance and the YR Track is approved by the Yoga Register. See table below for details.

Step 3: Register for upcoming training modules on the Track you have chosen. Modules 1-5 do not have to be taken in any particular order.

Ellen makes an adjustment during a Living Yoga Program training intensive

Choosing the Right Track for You

The Living Yoga Teacher Training Program provides high-quality training for those desiring to teach or just deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga. Students are awarded a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate upon successful completion of the program. We offer two different tracks to graduate from our program and earn the Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) designation at the 200-hr level. Both tracks are pre-approved for different yoga registries. Once you graduate from the Living Yoga Program, you are automatically qualified for membership in the appropriate registry.

The following information is provided to help you choose between our two tracks.

If you are not sure which track is best for you, we recommend starting out in the Yoga Alliance Track because you can always switch over to the Yoga Register track at any time without losing any credit.

Please note that the modules can be taken in any order and do not have to all be completed in one calendar year.

Yoga AllianceYoga Alliance (YA) Track
200 hour Certification
Approved by Yoga Alliance
(and by The Yoga Register)
Yoga RegisterYoga Register (YR) Track
200 hour Certification
Approved by The Yoga Register
YA Module 1
(100 hours)
9-day Intensive at Radha Madhav Dham
YR Module 1
(100 hours)
9-day intensive at Radha Madhav Dham
YA Module 2
(20 hours)
Yoga-specific Anatomy
2 day class with LYP instructors or
other approved program
YR Module 2
(20 hours)
Choice of Anatomy
LYP On-line course or 2-day class with LYP instructors, or other approved program. Credit can be given for previous anatomy training (massage school, RN, community school etc).
YA Module 3
(30 hours)
3 day Texas Yoga Retreat
Different YR Module 3
(50 hours)
Participate in and critique yoga classes, with your choice of teachers. Write class logs for each class.
YA Module 4(a, b, c)
(30 hours)
3 days of training with LYP Instructors
YA Module 5
(20 hours)
same YR Module 4
(30 hours)

• More time with LYP presenters
• More time with LYP peers
• More time at Radha Madhav Dham Ashram
• Choice of Registrations (Yoga Alliance &/or Yoga Register) *


• Less expensive
• Personalized program content
• 100 hours are self-paced
• Good for those who are self-motivated
• Only one trip to Austin required (balance training can be done with teachers of your own choosing in your community.


* The Yoga Alliance registry is based in the US. It is known throughout North America. The Yoga Register is an international registry based out of England and is not yet as well known in the US.


Yoga Alliance (YA) Track

yoga registryThis 200 hr. program is pre-approved by the Yoga Alliance registry (and The Yoga Register). Classes are taught by LYP faculty. Students may customize 20 hours of the program to their needs or interests. Although we recommend that students take the modues in order 1-4, you are free to take them in any order that works best with your schedule.

Yoga Register (YR) Track

Yoga RegisterThis 200 hr program is pre-approved by The Yoga Register, an international yoga registry. This track allows students, with the approval of their Living Yoga Program advisor, to customize 90 hours of their training to better meet their needs and interests. Although we recommend that students take the modues in order 1-4, you are free to take them in any order that works best with your schedule.

Registering for Training Modules

Once you have chosen either the YA or YR Track, you are ready to register for your first training module. If you are still unsure, we recommend you start off in the YA Track (it is easy to switch from the YA to the YR track, but going the other way is more complicated, and some credits cannot be transferred).

Although students are welcome to take the modules in any order that works best for them, we recommend that you start with Module 1 (the 9-day intensive). This module is the same for both the YA Track and the YR Track students and provides the foundation of the LYP training program.

Even though we have a lot of material to cover in a relatively short time during the 9-day residential intensive (Module 1), we will always be attentive to individual/group needs and desires. Each class includes a mixture of theory, practice, and processing. Each day will include postural practice, breathing practice, meditation, relaxation, lecture, discussion, teaching practicum and feedback.

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